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  • Analysis of the future development prospect of 3D printing industry

    With the relatively high growth rate of "3D" and "personal" printing, it is expected that the "3D" printing industry will continue to rise. It will help to stimulate the demand of desktop 3D printing equipment for personal use; at the same time, it will also promote the consumption of upstream printing materials and ste...

  • Which company is the best?

    Jiangmen guangzhiyuan stereo Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and design of 3D grating film materials, 3D 3D grating products, 3D grating film professional design, 3D grating printing, large format 3D 3D 3D advertising picture, PVC soft rubber printing, 3D hard glue pet printing, 3D stereo grating technology training, related equip...

  • How to make good effect 3D lenticular printings?

    1. You must know how to choose picture or image, if there isn’t any 3D effect in itself, then can’t make good effect 3D lenticular printing by best technology and equipment;2. You must learn 3D lenticular tech first, and must know how to operate software, test materials, choose materials and equipment, how to produce lenticular pr...

  • Advantages of 3D printing products

    As people are familiar with 3D printing, the grating stereo painting industry has made great progress in China, and 3D 3D printing is gradually applied to all walks of life. More and more people have found the advantages and potential of the three-dimensional industry, and more and more people have joined the three-dimensional industry. Let's le...

  • What details should be paid attention to when installing raster 3D stereogram?

    With the improvement of people's living standards, grating 3D stereoscopic painting began to enter ordinary people's homes. As raster 3D stereo painting is a new household decoration product, it is relatively unfamiliar to many people. Therefore, many people still don't know about the installation of grating 3D stereogram. In the actual ...

  • What are the applications of 3D?

    Stereo image has a wide range of applications. For example:Advertising industry: three dimensional advertising light box, indoor and outdoor advertising, three-dimensional poster painting, etc;Exhibition: display board, stand, sign, etc;Decoration industry: decorative paintings of government organs, public places and family halls;Tourism industry: S...

  • Several points for attention in mounting grating stereogram

    In daily life, raster stereogram is widely used. At present, many people regard it as home decoration, exhibition, display board, advertising and so on. It has become the most popular decorative art of modern people! However, after the completion of raster stereogram, its mounting frame is also very important. How to add frame to raster stereogram i...

  • About the 3D lenticular photo design tech

    (1). Ask : If I bought some lenticular lens sheet, and paste a flat image, then I can produce the lenticular printing, right ? Reply : No, you can’t, you must learn the professional 3D software and 3D lenticular technology first, you can learn from our company, after you have learned, you can produce them by yourself.(2). Ask : I have free downloa...

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