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3d lenticular cover

3D lenticular cover

Release time:2020-07-27

We are a professional design and produce 3D lenticular cover. Our 3D lenticular cover are high tech and artistic. They are main used in book, children’s book, notebook, diary , exercise-book, cartoon book, envelope, etc. all kinds of book and others products. They can give your customers a top quality, personalized, sporty, strong 3D, the newest visual perception. Now there have rarely meet books with 3D lenticular cover, so if you have them for your products. You can give your customers to remain an impressive one. They have raised status of your company, and can have an advertising of longtem effectiveness. Our 3D lenticular cover have 3D, 2D, flip, zoom, morph, move and animation, etc. all kinds of effects. In all, we can make all effects of you need. Their standard size is 205*275mm, and we can produce any size according your requests. Please tell us what size and quantity you want? Then we will quote a reasonable price for you. Welcome to email and contact us!

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