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Several points for attention in mounting grating stereogram

Release time:2020-07-27

In daily life, raster stereogram is widely used. At present, many people regard it as home decoration, exhibition, display board, advertising and so on. It has become the most popular decorative art of modern people! However, after the completion of raster stereogram, its mounting frame is also very important. How to add frame to raster stereogram is more perfect? We also often encounter some customers asking questions about this. Today, let's talk about what we need to pay attention to when mounting the raster stereogram?

Grating three-dimensional decorative painting frame is generally to find a professional mounting frame supplier to mount the appropriate outer frame. There are several kinds of materials such as "aluminum alloy, wood, plastic" and so on. In order to highlight the content of the three-dimensional painting and make it look better in 3D, it is better to design the outer frame according to the content of the three-dimensional painting itself, and some people choose materials according to their own hobbies to frame. It depends on the stereogram.

The following items should be paid attention to in the box selection:

1、 The tone should be coordinated. Stereo painting itself is a work of bright colors. When selecting the frame, attention should be paid to the color frame which is in harmony with the content of the picture.

2、 Style should be unified. The content elements of three-dimensional painting are very rich. We should select materials according to the style of the picture. We should pay attention to the outer frame selected by Chinese and western, modern and ancient times.

3、 The whole should be concise. Grating three-dimensional decorative painting is generally more complex than ordinary plane painting, so the table frame needs to be concise. Don't have too much decoration, it will make the whole look wordy.

In addition, in the process of producing raster stereogram, in order to avoid the damage and wear of the stereoscopic picture, we will cover a layer of protective film on the stereoscopic picture. However, we found that many customers received our stereogram, took it for mounting and directly went to the wall without tearing off the protective film on the stereogram, which affected the viewing effect of the stereogram. Therefore, we suggest that customers should tear off the protective film on the stereoscopic picture after mounting the outer frame, so that the three-dimensional painting will look better!

If you want to know about raster 3D painting, you can contact us with "super 3D printing". Whether it is abstract art works, world famous painting oil paintings, or ordinary flowers, grass, birds, insects, fish, a common pattern handed over to the hands of 3D printing, will create a perfect, fashionable, avant-garde, personalized 3D three-dimensional painting works for customers.

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