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What details should be paid attention to when installing raster 3D stereogram?

Release time:2020-07-27

With the improvement of people's living standards, grating 3D stereoscopic painting began to enter ordinary people's homes. As raster 3D stereo painting is a new household decoration product, it is relatively unfamiliar to many people. Therefore, many people still don't know about the installation of grating 3D stereogram. In the actual installation process, as long as a little attention is not paid, the effect of 3D stereogram will be affected. How to install raster 3D stereogram? Let's give you a brief introduction.

1. The front surface of 3D raster painting is composed of plastic grating, which is easy to bump or scratch. Therefore, before fixing, try not to tear off the protective film outside. After installation, tear off the protective film to reveal its brilliance, especially for the installation of large-scale raster painting.

2. The base or other surface used for product installation shall be flat, dry, acid-free, alkali free and other corrosive materials. For example: the walls of new buildings are easy to seep alkali, so it is not appropriate to install the products directly on such walls, which will produce certain color differences and corrosion over time.

3. Between the product and the wall or between other installation surfaces, try to leave air divergence and outflow holes to ensure good ventilation. When more than one product (assembled product) is installed on the same surface, a gap of about 1 mm is required between the butt joint edges to adapt to the uneven expansion of the product when the temperature changes.

4. The commonly used installation methods are: fixing with frame, fixing with sponge glue on the back, punching holes on the four corners, fixing advertisement nails from the wall, supporting frame, etc. The fixing material used should be neutral material. Do not use strong acid or strong alkaline adhesive to avoid corrosion.

5. Lighting can enhance and beautify the artistic effect of 3D stereoscopic painting, but whether it is built-in lighting or external lighting, a certain distance should be kept to avoid product overheating, so as to protect the picture from deformation.

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