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super clear double adhesive tape

Super clear double adhesive tape

Release time:2020-07-27

Our super clear double adhesive tape can be made 3D lenticular printings, lenticular products and advertising products.  It adopt best gelatinizing product-line, super clear good-plastering, formal and best quality. Many 3D lenticular and advertising manufacturers very like it. Their width are 0.635m, 0.914m, 1.07m, 1.27m, their length are 36m . The formation of double-sided adhesive film have 1st layer polyester film as a release liner, 2nd layer acrylic PET adhesive, 3rd layer polyester film, 4th layer acrylic PET adhesive and 5th layer polyester film as a release liner. They main used in lenticular products, 3D products, Advertising products and gift others products. We can according your requests to make different sizes. Welcome to Contact  us!

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